What business are ad agencies in?

In the last decade, advertising agencies have been radically transforming their business models. Some are building creative tech labs as bridges into the future, like TBWA’s Media Arts Lab and BBH Labs, and some are making their clients business their own by actually building products.

Just recently Carl’s Jr. facilitated their agency 72nd and Sunny in actually creating a spicy new burger. 72nd and Sunny not only conceptualized the ‘Thickburger El Diablo’ burger, but also named it, developed the ingredients list, and designed packaging, along with its traditional marketing duties.

Crispin, Porter & Bogusky, back in 2005, pitched the idea of Chicken Fries to Burger King and then made it a reality.

I see agencies of the future reinventing themselves into an R&D lab of ideas, build and content creation. It’s a merger between Mad Men, Math men, producers and few other design disciplines.

We are not in the business of advertising anymore. We are in the business of what makes our clients evolve. Welcome to the generation of the Media, Product, Content, Arts lab.

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