Democratization of things

I can still remember the words of the acclaimed author Daniel Pink, who wrote many books about the changing world of work, arguing that routine work like legal research, due diligence and document review is being outsourced to India and other Asian countries.

In the name of cutting costs, should we all be wary of losing our jobs? According to Mr. Pink not all of us should. He argues that artistic and work that requires empathy is harder to reduce to a simplistic formula.

I do agree with Mr. Pink’s points. If we stop innovating we are doomed to be replicated by a cheaper alternative. This theory is embodied in the Apple Samsung court trials we are witnessing today.

I would like to add to the above theory that more skills are threatened by outsourcing. The difference is that the work is not being done over seas, it’s actually happening inside the browsers we all use everyday.

Welcome to the new trend of democratizing everything.

If you are not a designer, you can whip up eye popping posters or designs using Canva. Just one of the recent startups that are democratizing design.

And if you really need a designer for a customized solution, why not. Just go to Fiver and get your shiny logo done for five bucks.

The list of jobs that can be outsourced online is endless: Legal paperwork, coding, writing ..etc.

I don’t see this new gateway to outsourcing work as a threat to any professional. I see it as a shift of economies and opportunities. Those who love adventure and entrepreneurship can codify their skills into an online business model. The rest can hire extra hands so they can take on more work.

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