Boundless Production

Agencies have already disrupted their creative philosophies, talents and structures to better orient themselves to creating bolder and bigger ideas. But the shift hasn’t reached the production department. Simply put, we need to adapt to be ready to harmoniously orchestrate more moving parts.

We don’t sell TVC’s anymore. We are creating platforms that generate boundless possibilities. As David Rolf, the head of integrated production in BBDO New York, encapsulated the things we do quite neatly: “Things are made—some big, some small, some by the public, some privately; some are liked, responded to, shared, edited, re-edited, appropriated, stolen, emboldened or bought. Moreover, technology has made our client’s demands instantaneous and we are expected to be better, faster, cheaper and multi-screen ready.” So to make all of the above happen we should migrate to the age of “Boundless Production.”

Boundless Production represents a shift from the production mentality of making singular things, toward the cultivation of an ecosystem of things. A system that helps us go from making hundreds of things to thousands. Ideas become iteratively infinite.

Here are the steps that can set up the agency for such a shift:


  • Evolve our relationships with our traditional production partners.
  • Identify and uncover new content partners.
  • Establish scale-based production partnerships, thus supercharging our productivity.



  • Make much more of the stuff ourselves by investing in expanded in-house capabilities.
  • Broaden producer capabilities by adding newsroom-style producers and content managers who are expert in making things in hours and days rather than in weeks or months. In effect, we act as publishers, while also being experts in an ever-changing array of technology.
  • Integrate all aspects of production under one roof (TV, digital and print). Which will provide the cultural sharing of skills, technology and media knowledge.

These steps will, in turn, inspire an always-on production culture that shortens the path from idea to finished product, all at a great value to our clients—more, faster, cheaper.

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