How I survived the Alaska Highway

Brutal drive! I thought I can do 3000km in 2 days. No chance. I lost a bumper on the way. 2 speeding tickets. Icy roads. Trucks brushing the side of my car at 100 miles/hr. What I learned? Listen to (…)


Mars One Way

If I had to choose between earth and Mars I would probably choose the path with the least amount of comfort zones. But my duty to my family prevents me from acting out of selfishness. It’s hard to make decisions (…)


The gap between ability and taste

Daniel Sax lovingly shoots Ira Glass’s now-famous quote about creative types, and the frustrating gap between one’s taste and one’s ability.


Dog mushing in the Yukon

I was excited to discover that our Christmas holiday celebration at our company would be Dog mushing in the Yukon adventure. Not knowing what to expect, I dressed up as warm as possible. But I learned quite fast that what (…)


Moonshot thinking

Google started in the business of search but I’m glad they realized early in the game that they are in the business of solving the world’s big issues. Technology is our only way to determine the future we will live (…)


Google Redesigning Design

When Larry page took over Google in 2011 he started a revolution in design. Great design is not an expectation from Google, but they really delivered. The best part is not the actual design, but the process Google approached the (…)