NEO (the first driverless car)

Project: NEO (The first driverless car from Google)
Role: Concept, Creative Direction, Project Management, Interactive Design, Strategy
Agency: VFS Digital Design
Technologies: IA, UX, HTML5, Google+, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Cinema4D
Details: How do you launch a driverless car to an audience reluctant to give over control of their vehicles to robotics? NEO is a transmedia campaign to tackle this challenge. The original robotics engineer behind the driverless car was motivated to eliminate human error from driving after losing a friend to a car accident. I took this scientist’s story and fictionalized it, making it the counterpoint of my campaign. I also took his vision into reality and named the first driverless car NEO, symbolizing a new era in mobility. To lure the audience into the campaign, I needed a hook. I created an alternative reality game—Be one of 10—where only 10 winners would be selected to receive a Neo, driving itself to their doorstep.

NEO. A transmedia campaign to launch the first driverless car from Google.
Project NEO - The process
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