Masa Pest Control (Miniature Magazine)

Brief:// MASA Pest Control is on a mission to educate people on the importance of maintaining a rodent-free environment, and the tool for this is to have the professionals do it. The brief was to broaden MASA’s customer base and promote their services among foreigners and Arab expatriates living in residential compounds.

Solution:// The concept of sharing space with strangers, more specifically rodents is not appealing at all. To dramatize the fact that rodents live parallel lives to humans, we sent miniature magazines “Hole Décor” and “Rat’s Health” addressed to the rats sharing the houses of the audience we want to reach. Inside the magazine a tiny card stated the following: “Rats can take over your house before you even know it. Call MASA pest control.”

This campaign was featured in Directory, the most influential magazine on direct marketing.

Masa Pest Control DM (Shortlisted in Cannes Lion)
Work Featured in Directory Magazine UK
Cannes Lions finalist

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